Founding a new business is no easy venture. From the very beginning you will be faced with many decisions, some familiar yet many unfamiliar. Deciding upon an IT strategy will inevitably be one of those decisions.

Before investing any time or money in your IT you first need to ask yourself a few questions. Questions such as, How many staff will you employ initially? What is your staff growth expectancy? Will your business be based over multiple locations? Will your staff be mobile? Does your office location provide stable ADSL connectivity or high speed fibre? Will you be employing in house IT staff or outsourcing your IT management? And finally, what does your budget allow?

Having these answers will aid you significantly in constructing an IT strategy which suits your business. Failure to answer these questions can result in hours of wasted effort and start up revenue. By answering those questions you should also be able to classify your startup business and determine exactly what your requirements are.

Typically, smaller startup business do not require hugely sophisticated IT systems. A mid-range PC, ISP supplied router and some form of backup will do the job until staff levels grow and data needs to be shared. The need for IT support will ultimately depend on IT competency. Should there be the need for support, most IT support providers do provide service plans which cater for smaller businesses.

Larger startup companies will need to share data from the very day they start trading and higher staff levels means there is also a greater dependency on your infrastructures networking capabilities. Again depending on your competency, you may need to seek professional help to provision an in house server, cloud file storage, VPN solution, hosted or in house email solutions, high performance network devices and also have suitable IT support.

If you have answered the questions above and you have classified yourself as a large startup company, we suggest you contact us now for a free consultancy meeting to discuss your requirements and guide you to a hassle free and cost effective analysis of your requirements.

Similarly, if you are a smaller startup. We can provide a flexible IT support service which will ensure that you can concentrate on the core of your business.