Have you heard of Office 365? Do you understand what Office 365 offers? Whatever your answer may be, hopefully, our blog can help you understand more about this widely adopted cutting edge service and what it can bring to the daily operations of your business.

Office 365 is a collection of Microsoft cloud services offered on a per user subscription based plan to enable your business to increase collaboration, reliability, mobility and efficiency. These plans are flexible and can be paid monthly or annually.
Our engineers have adopted the technology since its launch 3 years ago. In that time they have developed the skill set to migrate and set up the service for small, medium and enterprise businesses boasting a numbers of +1000 user migrations/setups.

What are the services?

• Business class email with 50 Gigabytes mailbox size
Business class email brings a fully functional Microsoft Exchange server to your disposal. This includes your own mailbox, license free shared mailboxes, calendars, contacts, tasks and also the ability to share these resources between users.

• Desktop version of latest Office suite installable on 5 devices per user
How many computers do you have? One in the office, maybe one in the meeting room? Definitely one at home! Make use of up to 5 device installs.

• Online version of Office suite
Are you away on holiday or business and need access to your files, however the computer you are on doesn’t have Office or the correct version of Office you need? Worry no more, with online Office you can work on your locally or Onedrive located files without an installed version of Office.

• Office suite on 5 tablets and mobile devices
Maybe you can’t access a computer when your away and really need to get work on a file. Not a problem, with Office on your mobile device or tablet you can pick up your files from Onedrive and get that work completed.

• 1 Terabyte online file storage per user
Onedrive is the technology used for online file storage. Onedrive is accessible via the web portal or an installable desktop folder which constantly synchronises to the cloud. This application is installable on multiple devices and provides you with a server like solution which will allow you to say goodbye to those pen drives for constantly transferring the version of document you are working on between devices.

• Unlimited online meetings with Skype for business
Away from the office and need to take part in a video conference or need to instant message? Skype for Business allows video conferencing, instant messaging, audio calling, file sharing and screen presentation via desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

• Intranet site for your team Sharepoint
Sharepoint allows your company to share all of your company manuals, and any type of common documents for your employees to easily access in one centrally managed location.

• Corporate internal social network
Gone are the days of the internal memos. Yammer is an internal company social network your employees can access to see the latest news in your company. Post the latest company successes, inform your staff of the new employee starting or let your team discuss matters in a relaxed secure environment.


What plans are available?

Plans vary on your requirements, each Office 365 plan has its limits in terms of amount of users per plans and certain services. If you would like some details on what plan would suit you best, we suggest you get in contact with our sales team and we can assist you in choosing the service. sales@tek-serv.com

What are the advantages of Office 365?

• Reduced electricity, hardware renewal and IT support costs – You no longer have an on-premise email server.

• Greater reliability & redundancy – Microsoft servers are located in a data centre where your data is constantly replicated to other servers and other data centres.

• Increased mobility – You are no longer reliant on the internet connection of your office and can work on files at any computer without the installation of Office by utilising Online Office.

• Increased security – techy talk coming.. Microsoft applications are accessed via 128 bit SSL/TSL encryption and Exchange Online utilises FOPE. ( Your data is safe, you’ll receive less SPAM)

• You’re always up to date – Exchange Servers, Office and SharePoint are always of the latest version

• Savings on software – Office suite perpetual purchase costs £200 per PC. With new version releases every 3 years, the licencing costs reduce.